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WAWWE (We Are What We Eat ) is a FREE family-friendly series! Each month will have a different theme and different activities. We want children to enjoy learning about food and discover that there are much tastier options on the healthy side!


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   100% of your online donation     will go toward our programs

We've always believed in the power of transparency. We use 100% of online donations to directly fund our programs and we prove each Program activity by taking pictures and using Google Maps. This map shows all of Aa Bb Cc trips and WAWWE activities  since we've changed our focus to wellness education. If you don't see your name on any event, this may mean your donation has not been used yet.

In the U.S. income and wealth are the most common measures of social class. There is talk of individualistic explanations for poverty (lack of thrift and laziness), but how can you fault someone for not knowing whats out there; let alone blame a child?

Most of us have never really been embarrassed to say what we did over the summer or what we got involved in over the past weekend. We have never felt the need to make up lies just to fit in and seem cool. When we were younger our parent(s) signed us up for activities and sports just to see what we were interested in or good at. Yet, 30% of parents in the U.S cannot afford for their kid(s) to be involved in any type of activities outside of school.

(Click on the photo to learn more about our Aa Bb Cc Program)

Our Aa Bb Cc Program was designed to introduce varying forms of fun and educational activities through 7 dimensions of wellness to kids (Grades: K-6th) who may not be able to experience these activities otherwise.

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We are taking advantage of the hours children are not in school and bringing them opportunity to help grow and acquire important social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills to help them develop interests.

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Our purpose is to enrich the lives of children in underserved communities  through wellness, education, and by diversifying their experiences.